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Operation Hat Trick 8: Ure Mundo 3/3/18
Operation Hat Trick 8:  Ure Mundo 3/3/18

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Marco has burnt the world after the 7th Major Clash as the world calls it.
The World Union stopped Marco's plan to burn everything except his kingdom. It's time to end Marco's World. The World Union is taking the fight to his land. They plan to take out parts of his land one section at a time until Marco has nowhere to to go.

READ THE WARNORD once it out the week before the event

35.00 Pre Registration (Last day to get in for $35 is 2/25/18)
45.00 After 2/25/18
Awesome Raffle

Can Sign up as a team 5 or more and apply for Squad and Zone Leadership. Just Post Squad with Squad Leader first and Which Side

Smoke, Explosions, Missions, Vehicles!
HT8 Patch for first 150 players to sign up and pay!
Age Limit 12+ IF under 12 must have someone over 18 vouching for you
It's a Milsim - The World vs Marco's Madmen
Chain of Command,
Limited Ammo
Limited Comms
Limited SAW and snipers,
Medic rules,
Raid Missions,
Hostage Missions,
Escort Missions. ... and all with limited time.
Squads can be 8 to 13.
Sport Smoke

Game Day Saturday March 3rd
(Will play even if Raining)
8am --- Store Opens and Field (Check in at Store – Get patch)
9am – 9:45am -- Chrono
10am – Welcome and Formation
Squad Readiness (organize walk ons into Squads - If not in a Squad make sure to be at staging before 10am)
(Uniforms will strictly be enforced – you have had months to be ready)
Field Rules
Game Rules
Deployment of Rebels
Game Start
Briefings and Assignments
Medic Rule and Spotter Meeting
Demo and EOD Rule Meeting
Vehicle Rule Meeting
10:45am to 11am Start and good Luck.

Chrono Info
AEGs 400 FPS with .20s dont be over MED 15feet
DMR/Snipers 400 fps to 450fps with .20s Semi MED 50feet
Support Weapons 400 fps with .20s MED 30 feet
SNIPERS over 450fps have to be bolt MED 75feet
HPAs are allowed with Locks and at 1.55 Joules with .32s

WORLD UNION tasked to Take Down Marco

Allowed Dress .... Gear Color doesn't matter head gear must match
Woodland MARPAT
Any Other Green Based Camo

NO BLACK or TAN - On top or Bottom
Do not break this or we can ask you to leave or change clothing.
Updated soon

Wounded and Medic Rules
• A hit anywhere on body or gear is a hit
• Ricochets are not counted, (in doubt, call it)
• Friendly fire counts as a hit (BBs have no friends)
• Grenade casualty radius is 10’ - call it when in doubt
• Knife kills do not leave you wounded. You are dead
• The first hit or burst that hits you leaves you wounded
• Yell “HIT!”
• Go prone or take a knee
• Display your dead-rag or red dead-light
• You MAY crawl to cover (crawl… not walk… not run)
• You MAY point and talk
• You CAN NOT shoot or throw grenades
• If you avoid additional damage, capture, or player bang bang for 5 full minutes you can be healed by the MEDIC ROLE with a bandage within 5 minutes after your mandatory 5 minutes
• You can be healed this way twice once you have 2 bandages go back to respawn for 10 minutes
• Once Dead - Dead Men dont talk
• You can Choose not to be wounded and just dead and go back to respawn for 15 minutes if you don't want to try to stay alive

NO MORE than 600 rounds for Rifle Men
NO MORE than 1200 rounds for Support
Shotguns, Pistols, Sniper's and DMRs 150 Rounds
You CAN NOT Carry Ammo or Speed Loaders onto Field

Smoke, Vehicle, & Demo Rules
Smoking Buildings or Cover (bunkers and encampment)
Smoke will be used as proof of something was bombed, destroyed, or on fire.
Bombers, Tanks, Troop Transports, and Ground troops that are Demo Roles can or could use them to destroy bunkers and bases by putting them inside structure.

If you are in these areas when it goes off you are dead and may not be Medic-ed, go straight to respawn do not bleed out. No one can enter bunker or cover till smoke has stopped. Do not Move or Pick up smoke once set off.

Smoking for cover and signaling
If not Demo Role -
any player can have smoke - can use it as smoke screen. (as of now field might limit smoke use depending on dryness of field)
Cannot be put inside Buildings, Bases, bunkers – but can be used outside for cover and effect.
Can be placed against structures but NOT inside them unless you are Demo Role.

Smoke in open is not deadly unless it is BLUE or GREEN, can pass through it. Do not Move or Pick up smoke once set off.

Blue or Green Smoke is deadly to all in and out of structures. Avoid it nothing can save you. If get in cloud report to respawn.

MAX Speed 5mph
30 foot MEDs. SAW Guns have 50 Foot MEDs
No one within 10 feet of vehicle unless deployed from it.
Needs Dead Rags to show it's out.
Driver can only shoot when stopped
Once a player leaves vehicle player is live once five feet away from it and can be shot.
Can be taken out by Driving over Landmine with tire, Rocket Strike (30 foot med on strike), 203 rocket strike, or hit with Satchel (must be at least 10 feet away) (under hand throw)
Do Not shoot at Vehicles with BBs
Troop Transports
Can NOT be Shot with BBs. (Trucks) Can Be taken out with Rockets over 30 feet away, Satchels, or landmines. Will not have gunners

Once Demo Player has taken out Vehicle, they must Pull Dead Rag and Wave down Vehicle letting them know they got hit if they are unaware.
Go to driver and show Demo Card and give 'Medic Card” of Rocket or Satchel
Vehicle will then, put Dead Rag up and Sit for 5 minutes and return to base and be 'repaired'.
Each Vehicle is recommend to have spotter looking for hits and players if possible along with driver looking unless Parked which they can fire then. (30 foot MEDs full auto, 15 semi)
Satchels and Rockets MUST Hit Vehicle, NO splash damage.
Land Mines are not to be hidden and tire must run over them to count as disable.
We hope to have REFS on all attack Vehicles

Expanded Demo Rules for Vehicles and Bunkers
Satchels must be recharged at Spawn after every use (Medic card in bag gotten from Spawn)
Rockets must be recharged at Spawn after every use (Medic card gotten from Spawn for Each Rocket)

Landmines once smashed are done. Only EOD, Demo, and Vehicle Drivers can move them (but not destroy) but can be shot doing so.
Make sure to collect your Demo

Thunder Bs – use only inside a structure or bunker to clear it (through door or window)

Grenades - use anywhere - inside a structure or bunker to clear it (through door or window) out in the open must hit player with BB

***Smoke Bombs can come from Vehicles from window, doors or roof – they are shells***


How Squads Work (8 to 13 players)
Each Squad has a ….
Squad Leader - in contact with command can not be any Other Role Allowed to Have Radio. Needs Yellow Arm Band
Medic – Can heal other players faster. Needs White Arm Band
Optional SAW Gunner – M249, M240, I27, RPK, etc (Player that gets to have mid to long range gun with High Caps or Box Mags) -50 foot MED
Optional DMR or Sniper – More Powerful semi or bolt action rifle must have side arm (snipers have to be approved) No High Caps Allowed and follow MEDs
Optional Spotter - (SMG or CQB level gun/pistol - under 330 FPS) Can Heal Sniper, Squad Leader or themselves when Assisting Sniper, Need White Arm Band
Optional Demo - any gun, except Support or DMR/Sniper gun - carry -AT, AA, demo, etc. Can take out Vehicles, Bunkers, and troops with Rockets, Land Mine, and satchels - Needs Blue Arm Bands
Optional Comm's Officer - (SMG or CQB level gun/pistol) Can Heal Squad Leader or themselves when Assisting Squad Leader - Need Yellow Arm Band
Optional EOD - EOD can disarm landmines, explosive devices in game, and bring destroyed vehicles and building back into play.
Must have an egg timer or 2 and gray duct tape.
Gray duct tape must be on arm too to show official EOD. But will be using duct tape to mark
Cannot be any other role.
Optional Breacher - The Breacher can have a shield No more than 42 inches tall and 24 inches wide
May carry a pistol or Shotgun
Bonus for Breacher allowed to carry extra ammo (up to 2000 rounds) on to field
Cannot be any other role.
Rifleman – everyone else is a Rifleman. Standard hardworking Operator looking to complete missions given to them by Squad Leader

Can Not Combine Roles, so can't be Support and Demo etc
also the Meaning of SMG or CQB Level Gun is a Gun shooting under 330 with .20s
All roles are Optional except Squad Leader, Riflemen and Medic in Squads.

Units for Game
Command (CO,XO,RTO, SLs)
SARCs Medical units
Motor Cad and Para

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