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Appalachian Assault Airsoft Event
Appalachian Assault Airsoft Event

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If signing up for National Guard there is an age limit of 16 and older

We are recruiting civi's for ultimate role play
Civilian role play is open to all ages 12 and up.

Please read if your interested in signing up for Civi
We are recruiting civi's for ultimate role play, and civilian role play is open to all ages 12 and up.
•Civis can only carry pistols and or shotguns and or sniper rifle ( Limited ) with very limited ammo .
•There will be an economy with money and items to purchase such as resources, ammo, etc...
•There will be laws established, that all civis must obey or will be fined or jailed.

If the civilian role is something that you would be interested in contact Mike Graham asap for further details and information

Story Line:
In early March of 2018, many American lives were changed drastically when a series of unexplained wildfires erupted across the Appalachian Mountains, forcing citizens from many towns and cities to evacuate their homes and take refuge away from the horrific danger. How and why these fires were started is still unknown, however, a good portion of U.S. Officials and American citizens believe these events to be an act of terror against the United States. Further investigation into the cause is still underway.
The U.S. National Guard and volunteers from across the country have been fighting these wildfires for the last 30 days. Most of the threat has been reduced to a manageable situation that is expected to be extinguished very soon. Unfortunately, the damage caused by these fires is the most significant hit to American resources the country has seen in its history. Thousands of homes and well over a hundred industries have been destroyed, creating a deficiency in food, water, fuel, electricity, textile goods and many other American necessities.
Though the fires have wasted a good percent of the area around the Appalachian Mountains, there are some towns and cities that were not destroyed in its path. Among these is the town of Gray, located in the Appalachian foothills of East Tennessee. This is where a strange and disturbing situation has arisen. It seems that in the wake of this national tragedy, a group of U.S. citizens have taken advantage of the crisis at hand to seize control of their local area and install their own ways of life.

This ‘militia,’ as Officials are calling them, refer to themselves as the Appalachian Freedom Fighters, or ‘AFF,’ and shockingly, we know very little about them. U.S. Officials have done a good job so far keeping the media focused on disaster relief and away from the A.F.F. due to the lack of information. The National Guard are dispatching a unit of soldiers accompanied by Federal Officials into the town of Gray to learn any information that could lead to the cause of the wildfires and re-establish U.S. law in the area.

General Information
- Name Of Event: Appalachian Assault
- Location: Appalachian Fairgrounds. Gray, TN.
- Date: July 14th & 15th. 2018
- Time: Check-in opens 1000 hrs Sat Morning July 14th.
- First Call: 1300 hrs
- Sat. Game Start: 1400 hrs. - 2400 hrs
- Sun. Game Start: 900 hrs - 1300 hrs
- Camping available: Fri. 7/13 and Sat. 7/14 Bathrooms and showers available. All generators off by 12 midnight.
- Mega Raffle
- Every Registration Receives an Events Patch and Raffle Ticket

Pre Registration
All registered players must have an online waiver or paper waiver on file.
- Only 125 Spots Available
- Pre Registration Admission: $75.00 through June 15th.
- Pre Registration Admission: $100.00
June 16th - July 14th.
- Only 60 left for CIVI Admission: $40.00 thru July 6th.
All people that are interested in civi role i promise this role will be excitin g along with plenty of trigger time. If this is something you are interested in, or would like more detail. Contact Mike Graham on

GSF Airsoft Will Be Vending On Location

- Rental equipment available on location $20 per pkg. per day.
- EG67 grenades available on location.
- All of your Bio BB needs
- Pistols
- A.R. packages
- tons of other items to choose from
- 3 Chrono stations (Everyone will be tagged)
- 2 Charging stations
If you need a special order for the event.
Contact Holly at GSF Airsoft Shop. 423-391-0121

Food Vendor:
Johnny BBQ will be your events food vendor.
He will also be selling Drinks and other snacks.

Chrono Info Bio BB's Only
Riflemen (semi) 1.55 Joules with .32s No MED
DMR (semi) 1.99 joules and under with .32 50 foot MED
Sniper (bolt) 2.4 joules with .32 75 foot MED
Support (Full auto) 1.55 joules with .32 50 foot MED

AMMO RESTRICTIONS: (Applies to National Guard and AFF)
NO MORE than 600 rounds for RifleMen
NO MORE than 1500 rounds for Support
Shotguns, Pistols, Sniper's and DMRs 150 Rounds
You CAN NOT Carry Ammo or Speed Loaders onto Field.

Civis must purchase a basic speed loader from GSF Vending Tent.
Civis are not allowed to take ammo on the field.
Civis Ammo Can be purchased at the in game gun shop. Located on the field of play.
$50 in game money = 100 rounds in your speed loader.
More details to come on the civis page.

Can Only Use Bio BB's For This Event


National Guard:
Allowed Dress .... Gear Color doesn't matter head gear must match
Woodland MARPAT
Any Other Green Based Camo

NO BLACK or TAN - On top or Bottom
Do not break this or we can ask you to leave or change clothing.

Tan Based


Regular Clothing

NO MORE than 600 rounds for RifleMen
NO MORE than 1500 rounds for Support
Shotguns, Pistols, Sniper's and DMRs 150 Rounds
You CAN NOT Carry Ammo or Speed Loaders onto Field

- EG 67
- Airsoft Innovations XL Burst

Smoke is NOT ALLOWED by players.
Smoke is ONLY ALLOWED by in admins and in-game admins as part of in game objectives!


A Heavy Weapon Specialist (HWS) is any Grenadier or Rocket (Simulated) carrying player. They may carry M-203 GL, M-320 GL, M-79 GL, GP-25 GL, M-136 AT4, M-72 LAW, RPG-7, Mortar or Arty Piece.
A. May carry 12 Nerf/Foam Rockets on their person.
B. May carry 12 Propellant/Bee Hive rounds on their person.
C. HWS are the only player class who can carry Grenade Rounds and Rockets.
D. Limit one per squad.
E. Bee Hive rounds may only be re-loaded at Spawn Point.
F. Additional Rounds/Rockets may be left at FOB.
G. Any soft tipped rockets are allowed.


MEDIC RULES: (National Guard and AFF)
Every player must have 2 2ft long ace bandages in their kit in order to be healed.
When a player is struck by a bb he is considered hit. At this time the player must drop to the ground put a dead rag on and bleedout for 5 min. During the 5 min. bleedout any one of the players teammates can heal the player by wrapping 1 of the 2 ace bandages around the players forearm twice then looping it off. At that point the player is immediately back into the game. He can be healed twice like that, On the 3rd time the player does a 5 min. bleedout. After the 5 min. bleedout, the player then walks to their FOB and waits there for 10 min. to receive new orders. Starting with 2 new medic bandages.
If the player is not healed by a medic during his 5 min. bleedout, he then just walks back to their FOB, where he waits 10min. before receiving new orders. Starting with 2 new medic bandages
- Ace Bandages and Dead Rags are mandatory and can be purchased on location at GSF vending tent.

All civis do not need ace bandages to be healed.
When shot,
During their 5 min. bleedout an in game emt must escort wounded players to the in game hospital where they will be healed and released.


A. All players must wear full sealing ANSI Z87.1 rated goggles, glasses or paintball mask. Eye protection must be worn at all times while outside the staging area. NO safety glasses, shooting glasses, or mesh goggles. Full seal goggles/glasses must form a seal around the lenses that fully contacts the skin and will not let a bb inside the seal.
C. All players must have a red "Dead Rag" minimum 50 square inches of material. If you don't have one, please ask. One can be purchased in the safety area.
D. All weapons must be submitted for inspection to the safety officer. Each player will be asked to fire a minimum of 3 rounds across the Chrono. Note that players may be asked to chronograph at any time during the day, including during play.
E. Players will be allowed to use only airsoft specific guns. No "BB Guns" or BB guns converted to use airsoft BB's or Metal BB's will be allowed.
F. While in the staging area pistols must be holstered. All other weapons must have the magazine removed and the chamber cleared.
G. On the Active AO eye protection may only be removed after all players have mags out, chamber cleared and game control has given the okay to remove goggles.
H. While in the staging/parking lot area you may not dry fire your weapon to ensure it is working properly. Walk down to the Chrono area with eye pro to test your weapon. (No Exceptions) There is to be no live fire anywhere within the staging area other than the chronograph station.
I. All persons moving throughout the AO need to have a waiver on file; this includes observers, photographers, and any additional non player personal.

BLIND MAN or Seize Fire
A. On the call of “blind man” or “Seize Fire” players need to immediately remove the magazine from their weapon, clear the chamber and set the weapon on safe. Stand in your location and do not move until the “all clear” and "game on" is given. Only at that time may you reload your weapon and continue play.
B. Use the "Seize Fire " if you or another player is injured and requires immediate Admin/Medical attention. You will need to both vocally and via Comms make the "Seize Fire" call with approximate location of the incident.
C. If a player loses their eye protection during a fire fight a “blind man” call is made. The player needs to cover their face with their hands and keep their head down until eye protection can be provided for them.

A. Sportsmanship is expected! Please call YOUR OWN hits! DO NOT BOTHER TO CALL ANOTHER PLAYERS HITS – MIND YOUR OWN HITS!
B. Not calling your hits is cheating, and will not be tolerated, period. If you suspect a player is not calling their hits, do not take matters into your own hands. Please bring this to the attention of your SQL and the event staff, use the chain of command.
C. Dead players do not talk! Dead players may only talk quietly to other dead players. Dead players do not shoot their guns, doing so immediately makes you a live target. Dead players do not improve their position, or indicate other players position while dead.
D. Electronic warfare: jamming or listening in the opposition's radio frequency is strictly prohibited (unless cleared by the administration).
E. Covertly monitoring, through espionage or misrepresentation, of opposition force planning to include briefings and electronic mediums is not in the spirit of the game, and is prohibited.
F. Blind fire: Shooting around corners and not being able to see where your BBs are going is not allowed. Devices that allow you to shoot around corners, such as weapon mounted cameras and mirrors are not permitted.
G. Airsoft is about HONOR, failure to play in an honorable manner will result in expulsion from the event. There will be no bullying, rough housing, foul language (used in malice), or physical/mental intimidation anywhere at any time at an GSF Milsim event. Failure to follow these rules will result in expulsion from the event and AO no refunds will be given.

A. A BB that strikes a player is counted as a hit. This includes anything worn by the player including backpacks.
B. Gun hits do not count as a player hit.

A. Players are allowed to "safety" or "Tap out" another player with rubber edged weapons.
B. When a player is touched/tapped with the rubber edged weapon they are considered "hit".
C. Players that have been "killed" by a rubber edged weapon cannot yell "hit" or "medic" they are mortally wounded.
D. REF only allow approved purpose made rubber training edged weapons.
E. No modified "real edged" weapons are allowed.

A. High capacity magazines (HICAP), AKA Clockwork Magazines are only authorized to be used in SAWs.
B. Drum/Box/C-Mags are only authorized to be used in SAWs.

A. Captured or killed players may be searched by an enemy player.
B. To initiate a search, the enemy player puts his hand on the dead or captured player and will say "Frisk, Frisk, Frisk". Say it 3 times to be safe, at that moment the dead or captured player must relinquish any intel items they have in their possession at the time of the search (intel, kill card, etc...)
C. Players in possession of more than one "kill card" only has to relinquish one card per search/per death.
D. Players cannot be searched after they have bled out and moving to re-spawn.

VEHICLE Requirements
Failure to follow these rules and regulations may result in a 10PT war crime and your VEHICLE pass being revoked without refund.

D. All windows must be down on a gun truck with the exception of the driver's side front window, and the front passenger window.
E. Players riding in an open Cab, Bed or Side rails of VEHICLE must wear a helmet that offers bump protection and eye pro at all times.
F. 4 Wheelers are not allowed as a VEHICLE. (Player command staff are authorized (1) 4 wheeler for each faction are authorized at events where Vehicles are being utilized.) These are for command transportation only and are not to be used as combat vehicles or gun trucks.
G. ALL Vehicles MUST STAY within TEN feet of defined roads. (Vehicles may pull off roads and around other vehicles, but no trail blazing).
H. VEHICLE Issued Number: You will be issued (4) 8.5x11 pieces of paper with your VEHICLE number printed on them. These will be attached to all sides of your VEHICLE. You may also stencil your assigned number to each side of your VEHICLE in 8.5x11 inches in size and easily seen.
I. All Vehicles are required to have CB radio with antenna to have direct contact with other VEHICLE and REF Command throughout the event, channels will be assigned prior. (An actual CB Radio on CB frequencies). If your CB goes out, then your vehicle is off of the field.
J. All Vehicles are required to have a ground guide when driving in reverse. This means a passenger must exit the stopped vehicle with his dead rag on and guide the vehicles going in reverse. Upon entering the VEHICLE, the ground guide will then take his dead rag off and resume play. A ground guide cannon be killed so no need to shoot at him.
K. All Player Vehicles are considered “Light Armor” regardless of aesthetic modifications.
L. All Vehicles must have a First Aid Kit capable of stopping moderate bleeding. Kit will be inspected on site.
M. All VEHICLE must have at least 4 Liters of drinking water.
N. Forward facing gun shields are acceptable, but 360-degree coverage around the gunner is not authorized.
O. Forward facing gun shields may not be seen through. If it is made of Plexiglas, then it needs to be painted.
P. All players firing from gun trucks must be able to see down the sights of their weapons. Anything less is blind firing.
Q. If a gun truck wishes to have any windows closed, they must be covered with add on armor. (This is to prevent windows from being rolled up and down throughout the weekend.
R. Any added gun ports must be minimum 18”x12” and remain opened at all times.
S. When vehicles are inspected on Friday, they must remain in the same configuration throughout the weekend. They cannot change from a gun truck to a transport truck or vice versa.
The spirit of these requirements is to provide a useful vehicle that can transport and be fought out of, but that is also vulnerable and not a tank.

Vehicle Rules
A. All vehicles will be operated by Event Staff Only
B. Vehicles are limited to 5 MPH.
C. All vehicles will be approved by GSF Staff
D. Drivers will be licensed and over the age of 18.
E. All players being transported in an open bed, on running boards or otherwise outside the cab area must wear helmets and approved eye pro at all times. THIS INCLUDES IN THE STAGING AREA.
F. Players in ghillie suits WILL NEVER lie near vehicle roads, trails or in the driving path of any vehicle (USE COMMON SENSE).
G. Vehicle must be at complete stop for ingress/egress. Players are not allowed to exit or enter ANY moving Vehicle.
H. Players are never to stand, lay prone or supine next to a moving APC(s)/Tanks/Vehicles because of the turn radius blind spots.
I. Players should exercise EXTREME caution around APC(s)/Tank doors and hatches. They are heavy and will easily “remove” fingers.
J. Only HWS launched rockets disable vehicles or satchel charges. Must be a frontal hit (for the driver to see) this does not kill the crew, but only disables the vehicle and forces the crew to exit or concede being killed and ride back to your FOB for re-spawn.
K. If a HWS fired rocket should land inside the crew compartment (front or back) the vehicle and all occupants are considered destroyed and killed.
L. Destroyed Vehicles must return to their primary FOB and check in with their leadership and serve a 5 minute “repair time”.
M. Event staff will be operating all vehicles with eye pro on at all times, a player will get into the passenger seat and that will indicate that the vehicle is controlled by that side. Windows will be rolled up at all times and the Driver must have a reliable radio on at all times.
N. Vehicles cannot be TOUCHED killed by a player because of safety issues.
O. Players must stay a minimum of 10FT from all moving Vehicles. If you are too close, move away.
P. Vehicles will signal being destroyed by flags mounted by the windows, 3 different flags will be used on vehicles (Red) indicating a destroyed vehicle, (Green) Green team owns the vehicle, (Tan) Tan team owns the vehicle

A. Players will need Eye Pro with "CLEAR" lenses for all Low/No Light operations, Full sealing ANSI rated still applies No MESH eye pro.
B. Players will need to have a flashlight on their person for safety.
C. Players must have a Red stick or Chem light to single they have been hit.
D. Use of Night Vision, Thermal or other type of NOD is allowed (dummy cord that gear!).
E. All players are encouraged to operate in "pairs" during Low/No light operations.
F. Any laser system must be "Eye Safe."
G. Players are never to aim any laser system directly at the eyes of another player.
H. Players are never to aim any laser system at any flying aircraft.

Certain GSF Milsim events will employ UAVs / UAG(s) by staff.
A. UAV / UAG(s) can be used as a means for "forces" to recon the battlefield gathering enemy troop movement and strength.
B. UAV / UAG(s) will be used by the GSF MilsIm staff to gather footage for promotion.
C. All private UAV / UAG(s) MUST be approved by GSF Milsim staff PRIOR TO DEPLOYMENT.
D. GSF Milsim does not allow gas powered Arial UAVs.
E. Players may at no time, shoot at or around UAV / UAG(s) while in flight or on the ground.

A. No real steel firearms are ever to be present at any GSF Milsim operation.

A. Alcohol is prohibited during all GSF Milsim operations within the AO.

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