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OP Ghundy Ghar III Day N Night

Our Price: $30.00

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Color / Leader*:
Green /Jonathan Ferguson
Tan / Daniel Weekly

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Game Report:
When the mortars sounded high in the sky. Signaling GAME ON. Both teams made a Full charge for the remaining 5 open bases!

It started out even for the first hour of the game.
Then the ANA Green Team took control of the field by controlling 4 out of the 7 bases in play.Then during the second hour, Green Special Forces Team completed their objective based mission in the back 40. (50 point value) Thus giving Green Team a big lead. At hen end of the 3rd hour, Taliban (tan Team) Special Forces completed their objective based mission in the back 40.
(50 point value) Thus giving Tan Team a large boost in points, but still trailing Green Team.
Then in the 4th hour, Green team had a structural breakdown when their X/O went 5150 which caused him to receive a section 8, and unfortunate discharge!
Thats all it took for tan team to use their gold, to buy kill teams, and airstrikes! At the perfect moment they struck and took control of the field. Then by the 5th hour Tan Team was holding 5 out of the 7 bases in play. This never changed the rest of the day.
At the end of the 6th hour and end of the day game, then final score was:

Green Team...50 points objectives complete
.......................20 points for captures
.......................285 points for bases held
.......................345 TOTAL POINTS FOR GREEN TEAM

Tan Team........50 points objectives complete
.......................20 points for captures
.......................385 points for bases held
.......................445 TOTAL POINTS FOR TAN TEAM

With the victory going to Taliban Tan Team!!!

The night game Played out very well. There were no points for night game!

Next event out will be Broken Arrow. This will be held at Command Decisions in N.C. This is a Theta, North 40, and Tog milsim event!
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Final Thoughts
First off lets give a big thanks to our business partner, and really good friend David Cross.
Next i would like to thank Jonathan Ferguson (punisher) Green Team C/O, Team GSF, also Daniel Ray Weakly (Boss) Tan Team C/O. Jeff Miller Garin Mull Seth Phillips #namelyss #teamreaperandmilsim
All i can say is WOW! We all stand and applaud you all for the awesome display of leadership that was proven on the field at GG3!
For 3 years running David Motley as Haji has shown his abilities by playing the perfect role that suits his personality, and he knocks it out of the park!, His towns people and kill team Jake Bias, Eric Yealy, Dakota Vandergriff, James Trent, from Team GSF, and Ryan Martin, Adam Maden, and Zacary Gingerich, from Team Fear, Exhibit role playing at a higher level. These men were called upon for their expert services as a Kill Team, where Their skills led them to be very effective all day! Thank you Men!
Most of all lets thank the players!!! Without the players none of this would be possible! We had over 150 people out. Those of you that drove from other counties and other surrounding states, i cant thank you enough for attending. I hope that everyone that attended had an awesome experience! Thank You again and hope to see everyone next year at GG4!
The sponsorship was fabulous this year. Thank you all sponsors that donated prizes to the raffle.

#Teamreaperairsoftandmilsim giving away, a $25 gift certificate to GSF airsoft shop.
ALSO Team Reapers have events tshirts for sale at GSF airsoft shop. So if you didnt get yours, ITS NOT TOO LATE.. Pick yours up today. Mention this post and get 10% off!

#GSFairsoft giving away an #Echo1 sr16E3 keymod, With multiple gift certificates to #GSFairsoftshop lots of Valken bbs and lots of swag.

Rob Pierce from Valken giving away a V12 Engine.

#Falconbattlesystem #VernonGoss giving away, 6 gift certificates, 3 Kydex Holsters and 3 Grenade pouches.

#Dragontactical with Ryan Martin giving away, a Real World Knife Survival Reality Based Training DVD.

#TeamNamelyss giving away, a 3pk. of Thunder V Grenades from Valken.

#Wolverineairsoftofficial A Big thanks to Wolverine Airsoft and Cody Hamilton for coming out and setting up a booth, Playing, and being a physical part of GG3. Wolverine Airsoft gave away one of their brand new #Quakes. If you are looking for the ultimate in recoil action, look no further than the #Quake.
i HAVE ONE IN MY HK 416!!!
Not only did Wolverine give away the #Quake. But they also gave away a ton of swag. Including Wolverine Patches and Wolverine Hats. SIMPLY AWESOME MAN

Thank you all for you sponsorship and willingness to work in the community to make airsoft stronger by bringing its play to the next generation!

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