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Airsoft AEG 9.6v Battery Charger w/ Small/Mini Tamiya Plug
Airsoft AEG 9.6v Battery Charger w/ Small/Mini Tamiya Plug
Airsoft AEG 9.6v Battery Charger w/ Small/Mini Tamiya Plug

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Product Code: CHGR-96WALL


Standard Wall Charger for 9.6v NiMH and NiCad batteries with Small/Mini Tamiya Plug.

  • Input: 110v – 60Hz
  • Output 9.6v DC – 250mA
  • Plug Type: Small/Mini Tamiya

Battery Charging Time:

Normal wall chargers such as this one will keep charging the battery until you unplug it. Over-charging will cause the battery to overheat causing damage to the cells which will result in battery failure or weakness. That’s why it’s very important not to leave your battery on this charger longer than you should.

To determine how long to charge a battery is totally dependent on how many MAH (milliamps) your battery has. The MAH indicates the battery capacity. The more MAH the battery has the longer it will last but will also take longer to charge. Chargers will also vary on their charging ability and time. For example this charger has an Output Rating of 250mA meaning it will put 250 MAH of juice in the battery every hour. Once you’ve determined how many MAH your battery has the formula is very simple.

Divide the Output Rating of the charger into the MAH capacity of the battery. For example, we know this charger puts out 250mA of juice per hour, so a 1000MAH battery normally will charge in 4 hours, a 2000MAH in 8 hours and so forth. This formula will work with all batteries and chargers just as long as you know the power ratings. But keep in mind this just a general guideline and when using a standard wall charger you should always check the battery periodically for over-heating especially during the final stage of charging. It’s normal for the battery to get warm while charging but you don’t want it to get hot! If the battery does get hot unplug it immediately to avoid damaging or ruining the battery.

If you want to avoid all the hassle of worrying about over-charging and charging times we highly recommend a Smart Charger. A Smart Charger not only has the ability to charge the battery much faster than a wall charger it will automatically shut down when the battery is fully charged to avoid over-charging. For about the price of a replacement battery a Smart Charger is a Smart Investment!

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