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We usually have many refurbished and used Airsoft AEGs available here at GSF. You’ll find the best selection in our shop since many of them never make it on this website before they get sold. 
Refurbished Gun is defined as an item that is new but has had to be worked on for one reason or another. They may show minor signs of wear due to handling and repair. Refurbished AEGs are great way to save money while getting a quality product. For the most part refurbished guns are more reliable than a brand-new gun due to the fact it has been worked on and tested by our tech department here at GSF as opposed to relying on China’s quality control which is very sporadic and unreliable. 
Used Gun is defined as an item that has been pre-owned by another individual. They obviously will show signs of wear which will be noted in the description.
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Refurbished King Arm FN P90 Tactical Airsoft AEG