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Aftermath 2 Airsoft Event
GSF airsoft Aftermath 2 Event Milsim role play

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- Location: GSF Outdoor Airsoft Field

- Date; Mar. 9th 2019

- Check-in: GSF Airsoft Shop.

Upon check-in, all players will receive an Events Patch and 1 Free Raffle Ticket.

- Sign up: All players must register as a roamer. Factions will be formed. Sign-ups posted soon.

- Pre registration: $35

Sunday Mar. 3rd. - Sat. Mar. 9th registration will go up to $45. Don’t wait! get your tickets NOW!


Shop Opens.......800hrs.

Chrono Opens....900hrs.

Game Briefing...1000hrs.

Game Start........1100hrs.

Play straight through bring snacks and drinks

Game ends.......1800hrs.

Huge Raffle......1900hrs.


The current date is sometime in March, 2152; not that many would know it.
A hundred and forty years ago, after decades of nuclear tensions building and cascading with each decision made under duress from various super powers and alliances.
The leaders of the old world decided to sacrifice everything they knew and loved to the god of war and hell fire via global thermonuclear war.
Since then, several small parties have emerged from their ashes, clinging to shreds of civilization and humanity that were left behind.
Some have grown with means to recreate a safe and orthodox society in which mankind can once again grow from.
Others have grown by making a market of terror, stress, and fear; abusing and extorting weaker peoples in order to get a foot up on the rest of the world.
In this new world, absent of order, morality, and civil ethics; humanity needs pioneers of these fronts to re-establish old world order so that they can progress as a society back to what they once were.
However, there are other parties who would rather live in this new world as it is so they can continue to extort and profit from it. Where will you find your place in this new world?
Will you take refuge in old world monuments so that you can help restore the land of its once vibrant youthfulness?
Will you take advantage of the lawless world and become a baron of terror and power?
Or will you find yourself somewhere in between?
There's only one way to find out!!!


You are a descendant of survivors from the nuclear war 140 years ago!
The wastes offer a lot of opportunities, however, are quite dangerous most of the time!
Radiated areas still haunt the land and will poison roamers who try and traverse them without proper protection.
Lurking Raiders standby to attack travelers for their wares. Factions and alliances rise and fall in never ending disputes.
Nevertheless, we all have one thing in common. Survive!
No one wants to let their fate fall in the hands of the desolate wastes!
When roaming or adventuring, stay alert of your surroundings because danger could be anywhere at any time.
But remember, not everyone you will encounter will be hostile!
Many players on the field will have more to offer than just a traditional death-match style gunfight.
We encourage you to role play and interact with one another! Talk to NPCs and merchants, or other travelers you may encounter!
Traveling around with your gun up and aiming will mark you as a threat and really reduce your ability to engage in role play.
So, develop a character that you want to portray!
Make up a background or history for your character. Where did you come from?
What is your purpose to survive?
What are your morals?
Do you want to restore peace to the land or take advantage of its downfalls to use others for your own self gain?
Just be careful who you make enemies with!
You may find yourself needing their help.
The choice is yours, and the wastes await your arrival…


GSF will provide in game BBs.

You are NOT ALLOWED TO BRING YOUR OWN AMMO, except for settlement guns. (Explained in the “Settlements” section)

Players caught using their own ammunition will be ejected from the game!

The BBs used for this event will be a special colored .25g competition grade BB.

Sniper ammunition will be available as well for extra cap cost! Sniper ammo is .36g.

Remember that ammo conservation and purchasing/looting your ammo from other players and NPCs is a major part of this game!

Each player will start the game with a set amount of BBs

High- Capacity magazines are not allowed at this event!
( A High Capacity magazine is a mag that you have to wind or charge in order to continue feeding bb’s into your gun.)

IT IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that each player carries a speed loader on their kit to store some ammunition in the event they are looted for BB’s. It is much easier to give an enemy a few pumps from a speed loader than it is to take them from a magazine!

Dead Rags are mandatory for all players (red, yellow, orange or pink)

2 Ace Bandages are required per player so you can be healed back to life without needing to touch respawn each time you are shot!

BOTTLECAPS are your currency! Collect these in order to purchase items in game from NPCs or other players! (Caps will be specially marked and provided. You can't bring your own)

Remember to seek out quests to earn caps, or take them from not-so-lucky enemies you may run across in the wastes!

Each player will start the game with a set amount of caps.


Bottle Caps are the primary currency type out in the wastes.

Players can find stashes of caps out on the field, or earn them by selling relics to merchants or other players.

You can also talk to merchants, NPC's, Faction Leaders or even another player to take on jobs or quests that pay-out in caps.
Who knows?A merchant may need a hired hand to protect him in his travels, an NPC may have and odd job he needs help with, or a Faction Leader could have a fat bounty posted on another player's head! Even another wastelander could use assistance for a task and be willing to pay for someone's services!

If you see a wounded player still doing their bleed-out, you may choose to loot him/her.
The way you do this is you must be within arms length (close enough to touch them) and tell them you are looting them!

You may choose to take only ONE of the following:
1x Relic (usable items such as a Life Chem are considered relics)
5x Caps
2x Speedloader pumps of ammo (between 5 and 8 bbs)

If the wounded player has what is asked, he MUST give it up to the looter!

If you don't have what they ask for, they may ask for something else. If the player is completely out of caps, relics and ammo, well... good job. You're looting a broke guy who doesn't have anything to give you.

-Controller Items:

LIFE CHEM – A player who obtains a LIFE CHEM may revive themselves back into battle. The life chem is a wrist band that a wounded player can place around their wrist during their bleed-out time. As soon as the band is applied, the player is considered alive and healthy enough to fight again! These life chems are to be used in conjunction with ace bandages.(you don’t get extra lives) You can only have up to 2 life chems/bandages on you at any given.

ADRENALINE- This item will be identified as a confetti popper that is painted a particular color for the event! In order to use adrenaline, discharge the confetti popper and simultaneously begin a single yell as loud as you can for as long as you can. During the duration of your SINGLE yell, you are immune to all damaged except explosives. (if you stop yelling for any reason, the effects are over.) You die immediately after you run out of breath or stop yelling.

GAS MASK- Players who wear actual gas masks to the game will be immune to radiation! Otherwise, you will need to purchase a gas mask (dust cover) from a merchant or other player on the field in order to survive radiated fogs without dying!

Dress the Part:
Remember this is a post-apocalyptic style setting! Bring out your best wastelander costumes and garb! Ragged, torn and battle worn attire are highly encouraged and we really want to wander away from traditional airsoft loadouts or full blown military uniforms! Use scraps, and tattered clothes, Heavy leather coats, hooded cloaks, jackets or trench coats! If you belong to a particular faction with a themed attire, be sure to get up with your faction leaders prior to the event to make sure you will look the part for your team!


A settlement is any town or faction homestead.

Each settlement is operated by a player admin/faction leader. Factions should consist of at least 10-12 players so that you can have a small force at each settlement to defend against any attacks while the rest go out to accomplish quests or scavenge.

Each settlement is allowed 1 fully automatic SAW weapon with infinite ammo.

This SAW weapon may use personal BB’s however it cannot leave the settlement. (A defendable location will be chosen prior to game start and the SAW weapon cannot leave that area.)

This weapon must be marked and approved by GSF admin before going onto the field.

A backup is allowed if approved, but only 1 weapon can be in play at any given time.

Factions are encouraged to bring out swag for their settlement! Players can keep their essential belongings at settlements for convenience if they wish.
Also bring coolers, chairs, canopies, lights, tables or other attractions to try and bring in more roamers.

Factions may choose to set up small businesses to earn caps from within their own homesteads. These can include bars, gambling, fighting pits, cathouses, etc .

If a settlement is captured by an enemy team, it should be an accomplishment that is worthwhile!

Hold and defend the taken settlement for around 10 min. and make sure an admin can confirm your capture.
Once confirmed, the admin may award the capturing team an assortment of caps or other wares.

Players can then give out victorious war cries and take pictures of their accomplishments, but must vacate the settlement after 10 mins or so and allow the original team to reoccupy their settlement where their personal belongings are.


Each player on the field is required to have a “DEAD RAG” on their kit to indicate themselves as a dead/wounded player whenever they are shot!

You also should have 2 ACE BANDAGE style wraps on your kit so that allies can heal you back into combat.

If you are hit by a BB or any melee/boffer weapon, you are DYING!

Visibly display your dead rag on your head when you are dying/dead.

You will then lay down or take a knee and start a 5 minute bleed-out time

During this bleed-out time you cannot talk or relay information to other players, except to call out for help from an ally.

While you are bleeding out you can auto-revive yourself with a LIFE CHEM, or an ally can use one of your ace bandages on you to heal you back into combat.

To use an ace bandage, first retrieve one from the player you are attempting to heal.

Then wrap the bandage all the way around the player’s arm, tying it one time and tuck the loose ends up an under the bandage.

As soon as you are done, the player is considered healed and can continue in combat.

A player can be healed only 2 times per life, with any combination of Life Chems or Bandages.

The third time a player is shot, they will immediately return to a respawn and cannot be healed by any other means.


A player may respawn at their own settlement as long as the settlement is not being contested by enemies (under attack in any form or fashion).

A player may also respawn at a different settlement if the settlement admins allow you to do so, however they may charge you some caps for the service!

If your settlement is under attack, the 2 main entrances to the field will be free respawn for all players and will be indicated by streamers and traffic cones.

Now, with these areas being free respawn for all players, we ask that you do not camp the entrances and shoot players just walking onto the field.

At least allow them a hundred feet onto the field before you
engage to ensure they have a chance of survival. Don’t be the player that puts other players in a situation that they are simply not having fun at this game!

FACTION INFO TO BE POSTED SOON! Check back for updates!!

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