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OP LZ-Xray 2

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LZ Xray Velcro Patches available to the first 100 Pre-Registers

Monster Raffle! LOADED with Tons of Prizes

General Information

Game Type: Vietnam 1965 Lz Xray

Here is a compilation video from LZ Xray 1:

The foundation of LZ Xray 2 will be focused more upon the LZ itself and the Chu Pong Massif, along with 3 Strategic locations within.

-American forces will have to secure these 3 locations.
-Collect any intel and take prisoners for Interrogation. Then fight their way North to secure and control the Ia Drang Valley.
*Please Watch The Movie: We Were Soldiers*

Uniforms: Green (American's) VS Tan (Role Players) and Civi's (Role Players) (NVA-OP4 Players Only FULL)

$30.00 (Pre-Reg ends 9/3/17)
$40.00 (from 9/4/17- 9/9/17)
Register and sign online waiver at:

Event Date: September 9th. 2017 Sat. (Camping Available night of event)
Shop Opens: 9am (Check In the day before to make it easier on yourself)
Event Hrs: 11am - 9:30pm With Night Missions (Full Schedule Below)
Location: GSF Outdoor Airsoft Field. All attending, MUST check-in at GSF Airsoft Shop to receive their patch as proof of admission BEFORE going to the field!. All players will be asked to show events patch by Staff, when arriving at the field.
Address: 5485 HWY 11 E. Piney Flats TN.

Medic rule in play:
-2 (two) - 2ft ace bandages will be required to be healed by a medic. make sure to purchase your MEDIC BANDAGES at GSF AIRSFOFT SHOP at anytime, or upon Checking in . (SEE MEDIC RULES BELLOW)
-Dead Rags & Red glow sticks are Mandatory:
-2(two) - Dead rags are mandatory at this event! You need two just in case you lose one. Dead rags will be available for purchase at GSF Airsoft Shop.
-2(two) - Red glow sticks for night game used as dead rags.
Glow sticks will be available for purchase at GSF Airsoft Shop.

Game Rules:
- Green Team (Americans) Registering Players. VS Tan NVA (OP4 Players FULL)
- Mortar Launch to indicate Start
- Must follow Chain of Command
- Semi Auto Only. (except gunner)
- 700 rds per player allowed per visit at ammo dump (LZ)
- Lost Platoon Missions throughout the day and night!.
- Night missions (Must have 2 red glow sticks for dead rag)
- 4 key locations and LZ
- 2 medics per squad
- search players for Intel
- Take Players prisoner for interrogation.

1. Captured or killed players may be searched by an enemy player.
2. To initiate a search, the enemy player puts his hand on the dead or captured player and will say "Frisk, Frisk, Frisk". Say it 3 times to be safe, at that moment the dead or captured player must relinquish any intel items they have in their possession at the time of the search (intel, kill card, etc...)
3. Players in possession of more than one "kill card" only has to relinquish one card per search/per death.
4. Players cannot be searched after they have bled out and moving to re-spawn.

Uniform code:
Headgear must match or black faction camo or base color..

- Woodland
- Woodland Marpat
- AOR2
- Kryptek Mandrake
- Solid OD
- ETC....
- OD Flight Suit

(Role Players)
- 3 Color Desert
- Desert Marpat
- Solid TAN
- Tan Flight Suit (Reserved for Down Pilot)
- Civis

1. Each squad will be assigned only one medic. (Subject to change with various Squads)
2. A medic will treat a fellow player by going up to that player and bandaging the area where the player was hit
3. A player may only be bandaged TWICE.
4. Medic CAN NOT re-use bandages from "dead" players.
5. A medic may not treat himself; only another medic can give them aid.
6. Wounded players may be physically "dragged, carried, lifted, etc.." to a medic by any means that is NOT UNDER THEIR OWN POWER with the permission of the wounded.
7. Wounded players are NON AMBULATORY.
8. All Players must have an IFAK on their person that contains TWO (2) ace type bandages for the medic to treat them with. (CAT of SOFT-T tourniquets are not acceptable)
9. Medics must WRAP the bandages around the player's arm, they are NOT allowed to TIE or have pre-made loops in which to tie the bandage onto a player.
10. Bandages must be a MINIMUM of 2ft. (24in) in length each.
11. Medics may be changed within the squad while at the FOB or between evolutions, but not while active on the AO.

Field and Safety Rules
1. ALL persons moving throughout GSF Airsoft Field must have a waiver on file. This includes observers, photographers, and any additional non-player personal.
2. ALL players must wear full sealing ANSI Z87.1 rated goggles, glasses or paintball mask. Eye protection must be worn at all times while outside the staging area. NO SAFETY GLASSES, SHOOTING GLASSES, OR MESH GOGGLES. Full seal goggles/glasses must form a seal around the lenses that fully contacts the skin and will not let a bb inside the seal.
3. When in the STAGING AREA, All weapons must have mags out and safety on. All pistols must be holstered.
4. While in the staging/parking lot area you may NOT dry fire your weapon to ensure it is working properly. (NO DRY FIRING) Walk down to the Chrono area with eye pro to test your weapon. (No Exceptions) There is to be NO LIVE OR DRY FIRE anywhere within the staging area other than the chronograph station.
5. All weapons must be submitted for inspection to the safety officer. Each player will be asked to fire a minimum of 3 rounds across the Chrono. Note that players may be asked to chronograph at any time during the day, including during play.
6. Players will be allowed to use only airsoft specific guns. No "BB Guns" or BB guns converted to use airsoft BB's or Metal BB's will be allowed.
7. CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Anyone caught cheating will be asked to leave the field immediately!
8. All players MUST HAVE 2 RED DEAD RAGS. This is mandatory!
9. On the Active AO eye protection may only be removed after all players have mags out, chamber cleared and game control has given the okay to remove goggles.
10. NO climbing in or on any vehicles, no climbing trees, or climbing anything above 4ft.
11. No real steel firearms are ever to be present at any GSF Milsim operations.
12. All Referees decisions are final. (No arguing with the refs)

1. A BB that strikes a player is counted as a hit. This includes anything worn by the player including backpacks.
2. Gun hits do not count as a player hit.
4. Not calling your hits is cheating, and will not be tolerated, period. If you suspect a player is not calling their hits, do not take matters into your own hands. Please bring this to the attention of your SQL and the event staff, use the chain of command.
5. Dead players do not talk! Dead players may only talk quietly to other dead players. Dead players do not shoot their guns, doing so immediately makes you a live target. Dead players do not improve their position, or indicate other players position while dead.
6. Electronic warfare: jamming or listening in the opposition's radio frequency is strictly prohibited (unless cleared by the administration).
7. Covertly monitoring, through espionage or misrepresentation, of opposition force planning to include briefings and electronic mediums is not in the spirit of the game, and is prohibited.
8. Blind fire: Shooting around corners and not being able to see where your BBs are going is not allowed. Devices that allow you to shoot around corners, such as weapon mounted cameras and mirrors are not permitted.
9. Airsoft is about HONOR, failure to play in an honorable manner will result in expulsion from the event. There will be no bullying, rough housing, foul language (used in malice), or physical/mental intimidation anywhere at any time at an GSF Milsim event. Failure to follow these rules will result in expulsion from the event and AO no refunds will be given.

BLIND MAN or (Ceasefire):
1. On the call of “blind man” or “Ceasefire” players need to immediately remove the magazine from their weapon, clear the chamber and set the weapon on safe. Stand in your location and do not move until the “all clear” and "game on" is given. Only at that time may you reload your weapon and continue play.
2. Use the "Ceasefire " if you or another player is injured and requires immediate Admin/Medical attention. You will need to both vocally and via Comms make the "Ceasefire" call with approximate location of the incident.
3. If a player loses their eye protection during a fire fight a “blind man” call is made. The player needs to cover their face with their hands and keep their head down until eye protection can be provided for them.

1. Players within a 15-foot engagement range may be "Safety killed".
2. The player must yell out loudly "Bang, Bang" at the target and can only "safety" kill one player at a time.
3. Pistols must be CQB legal to use them inside of buildings. This mean it must be shooting below 350 FPS and will have no engagement distance.

4. Players are allowed to "safety" or "Tap out" another player with rubber edged weapons.
5. When a player is touched/tapped with the rubber edged weapon they are considered "hit".
6. Players that have been "killed" by a rubber edged weapon cannot yell "hit" or "medic" they are mortally wounded.
7. REF only allow approved purpose made rubber training edged weapons.
8. No modified "real edged" weapons are allowed.

FPS Limit/MED's
All guns must chrono in at:

Rifleman - 400fps w/.20gr. BB or 1.55J w/.30gr. BB. 15ft engagement distance
Gunners/DMR - 450fps w/.20gr. BB or 1.86J w/30gr. BB. 50ft e.d.Snipers Bolt Action - 500fps w/.20gr. BB. or 3.6J w/.30gr. BB 100ft e.d.
HPA's - Will all chrono in with >30 gr. BB. with a limit of 1.55J ( Unless weapon is DMR, Sniper, or Support Class.)

Support and sniper weapons must be accurate in appearance, An m4 is not a DMR and an ak w/ a box mag is not a support gunner.


Event Schedule
Shop opens: 9:00am
Chrono Opens: 10:00am
First Call: 11:00am
Briefing: 11:30pm
Session 1 begins: 12:00pm
....There will be no breaks. Bring snacks and plenty of water....
Session 1 ends: 6pm
Dinner break: 6pm-630pm
~~~~~~Pizza will be for sale on location at 6pm~~~~~~
Raffle 6:30pm
First call / Briefing 7:30pm
Night mission begins at dusk
End of day: 930pm

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