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GSF Airsoft Event: Shadow Rogue
GSF Airsoft Event: Shadow Rogue

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US Govt is trying to recover and reassemble a UAV (Type: Shadow) that has gone Rogue and landed somewhere in the remote mountians of Mike Ackistan and have sent the CIA to locate and use local assets to recover. Meanwhile the indigenous population is trying to figure out how they will discover what the crash they saw was then obtain for themselves any technology for the price they can sell it for IF they can recover it first. Yet both must move secretively around the reach of the Mike Akistan regular army bent on any profit to their country.

SR Is an actual MILSIM game with Objectives and goals related to an end that is to be determined by the accomplishments thereof. Story line is simple and is based on actual events and FTX from the early 2000’s.

- General Information -
- Location: GSF
- Date: 28 Sept 2019

When Pre-Registration opens, make sure you register to the proper team If fitting your team into a squad is an issue, contact your desired Team’s Commander.

Planning groups have been created and named as follows:
Green/Black Team
Tan Team

0900- Registration Opens
1030- Safety & Field Brief
1100- FTX Begins
1800- END

- Command Meetings are up to each faction leader to plan and do so and to make sure everyone knows the rules and safety concerns

Game Rules:
- Force on Force
- Ammo restrictions per role. Refill at Respawn/Staging Area
- Must follow Chain of Command
- Semi Auto Only. (except LMG support role)
- Both teams will have designated respawns and will be briefed on location.
- Medic Rule in play (must have (2) 24inch ace bandages. ( Can be purchased at GSF Airsoft Shop.

Medic Rules:
1. Everyone is a Medic.
2. A medic will treat a fellow player by going up to that player and bandaging the area where the player was hit
3. A player may only be bandaged TWICE.
4. Medic CAN NOT re-use bandages from "dead" players.
5. A medic may not treat himself; only another medic can give them aid.
6. Wounded players may be physically "dragged, carried, lifted, etc.." to a medic by any means that is NOT UNDER THEIR OWN POWER with the permission of the wounded.
7. Wounded players are NON AMBULATORY.
8. All Players must have an IFAK on their person that contains TWO (2) ace type bandages for the medic to treat them with. (CAT or SOFT-T tourniquets are not acceptable)
9. Medics must WRAP the bandages around the player's arm, they are NOT allowed to TIE or have pre-made loops in which to tie the bandage onto a player.
10. Bandages must be a MINIMUM of 2ft. (24in) in length each.

Uniform code:
Uniform requirements are strictly enforced for this event. Please read carefully and plan accordingly.
- Uniform tops and bottoms must be color of faction
- Eye Protection can be any color - Tactical gear can be any pattern, recommended to match to reduce confusion during gameplay
- Players are NOT ALLOWED to wear red or orange.

Green Approved Uniforms:
- Woodland - OD/Ranger Green - MARPAT
- Jungle Tiger Stripe - Black
- Multi-Cam Black

Tan Approved Uniforms:
- Multi Cam
- DCU - 3 Color Desert

- Desert Marpat
- Solid TAN
- Civilian/CIA (Closed Group)-- absolutely no green or black clothing

Field and Safety Rules
ALL persons moving throughout GSF must have a waiver on file. This includes observers, photographers, and any additional non-player personal.
2. ALL players must wear full sealing ANSI Z87.1 rated goggles, glasses or paintball mask. Eye protection must be worn at all times while outside the staging area. NO SAFETY GLASSES, SHOOTING GLASSES, OR MESH GOGGLES. Full seal goggles/glasses must form a seal around the lenses that fully contacts the skin and will not let a bb inside the seal.
3. When in the STAGING AREA, All weapons must have mags out and safety on. All pistols must be holstered.
4. While in the staging/parking lot area you may NOT dry fire your weapon to ensure it is working properly. (NO DRY FIRING) Walk down to the Chrono area with eye pro to test your weapon. (No Exceptions) There is to be NO LIVE OR DRY FIRE anywhere within the staging area other than the chronograph station.
5. All weapons must be submitted for inspection to the safety officer. Each player will be asked to fire a minimum of 3 rounds across the Chrono. Note that players may be asked to chronograph at any time during the day, including during play.
6. Players will be allowed to use only airsoft specific guns. No "BB Guns" or BB guns converted to use airsoft BB's or Metal BB's will be allowed.
7. CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Anyone caught cheating will be asked to leave the field immediately!
8. All players MUST HAVE 2 RED DEAD RAGS. This is mandatory!
9. On the Active AO eye protection may only be removed after all players have mags out, chamber cleared and game control has given the okay to remove goggles.
10. NO climbing in or on any vehicles, no climbing trees, or climbing anything above 4ft.
11. No real steel firearms are ever to be present at any GSF Milsim operations.
12. All Referees decisions are final. (No arguing with the refs)

1. A BB that strikes a player is counted as a hit. This includes anything worn by the player including backpacks.
2. Gun hits do not count as a player hit.
4. Not calling your hits is cheating, and will not be tolerated, period. If you suspect a player is not calling their hits, do not take matters into your own hands. Please bring this to the attention of your SQL and the event staff, use the chain of command.
5. Dead players do not talk! Dead players may only talk quietly to other dead players. Dead players do not shoot their guns, doing so immediately makes you a live target. Dead players do not improve their position, or indicate other players position while dead.
6. Electronic warfare: jamming or the opposition's radio frequency is strictly prohibited
7. Removed---
8. Blind fire: Shooting around corners and not being able to see where your BBs are going is not allowed. Devices that allow you to shoot around corners, such as weapon mounted cameras and mirrors are not permitted.
9. Airsoft is about HONOR, failure to play in an honorable manner will result in expulsion from the event. There will be no bullying, rough housing, foul language (used in malice), or physical/mental intimidation anywhere at any time at an GSF Milsim event. Failure to follow these rules will result in expulsion from the event and AO no refunds will be given.

FPS Limit/MED's All guns must chrono in at:
Rifleman - 400fps w/.20g BB or 1.55J w/.30g BB (Semi-Auto ONLY) 700rds
LMG - 400fps w/.20g BB or 1.55j w/.30g BB (Full Auto 25rps - 35ft MED; required to carry sidearm >400fps) 1500rds (2 box mags)
DMR - 450fps w/.20g BB or 1.86J w/30g BB. (Semi Auto ONLY - 50ft MED; required to carry sidearm >400fps) 200rds
Sniper - 500fps w/.20g BB or 3.6J w/.30g BB (Bolt-Action ONLY - 100ft MED; required to carry sidearm >400fps) 150rds
HPA's - Will all chrono in with >30g BB with a limit of 1.55J ( Unless weapon is DMR or Sniper) Support weapons must be accurate in appearance (ex. An M4 with a scope is not a DMR and an AK47 with a box mag is not an LMG) ALL REGULATORS WILL BE ZIP TIED AND SEALED

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