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The GSF Indoor Airsoft Facility is a simulated urban environment with rooms, hallways and various structures that can be used for tactical maneuvers and cover. You will want to use caution at all times while moving throughout the facility.  

• Upon arrival at the facility you'll need to have any guns concealed in a case, dufflebag, or holster when you exit your vehicle. Please do not have any weapons exposed in the parking area. If you do not have a case, go to the check-in area or find a staff member for assistance. 
• You’ll be playing on a smooth hard concrete floor with Airsoft BBs scattered throughout. Nonslip shoes or boots and knee and elbow pads are recommended. 
• You may encounter situations that have minimal or no lighting depending on the area of the facility you are in or the type of game being played. Flashlights can be real useful at times. 
• Prepare for a lot of noise. With the constant sound of erupting gun battles and the occasional ThunderB (sound grenade) it will be loud! 
• If you don’t have a tactical vest a couple of layers of loose fitting clothing is recommended to help absorb BB shots. You will also want to wear something that has pockets to keep the extra supplies you might need during battle such as extra mags, ammo etc. 
• There are many wooden structures throughout the facility which can cause splinters. Gloves are highly recommended. Gloves will also aid against finger and knuckle shots which can be very painful.