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Read these rules carefully and make sure you thoroughly understand them before proceeding to the play field. It is the player’s full responsibility to know them, understand them and abide by them at all times. If you have any questions or concerns about these rules contact a GSF staff member or call 423-391-0121 for assistance.


   Field Safety Rules    


 At no time during the game will a player be allowed to break the seal of the goggle from around their eyes. If you feel you need to remove your goggles for any reason during the game you MUST exit the play area before doing so. Any player violating this rule will be immediately ejected from the field. There are no exceptions to this rule!

In addition, when entering the play area a player’s ears, nose and mouth should be covered / blocked with something preventing penetration of BBs, such as a wire mesh half mask, paintball type mask, bandanna (any color but red,) shemagh, etc.

All minors under the age of 18 years old will be required to wear full face gear that covers the mouth, ears, nose and other soft tissue.


Only goggles / eyewear that meet the following requirements will be allowed: 

• The impact standard for goggles is ANSI z.87.1. 

• They must fully encompass the eyes, with no gaps. 

• They must be fitted with a head strap to keep them from falling off during a game ANSI rated safety glasses without      a head strap will be allowed ONLY if they have sealed foam around the eyes. 

• The lens frame must be sturdy enough to keep the lens in place during play. 

Wire Mesh Eye Goggles are NOT allowed (updated 10/10/13)

Regular reading glasses or shooting glasses that do not have sealed foam around the eyes will not be allowed. No exceptions!




This rule will apply if games are played with full auto: NO ENGAGEMENTS AT LESS THAN 15 FT. AWAY WITH FULL AUTOMATIC AEGS. Players may never shoot at another player with a full auto AEG who is closer than the minimum engagement distance of 15 feet. Players must transition to a pistol or switch to semi-auto when entering a room, or engaging a player at less than 15 ft.



If you are struck by a BB anytime during play you must verbally yell out “HIT” and immediately pull out your dead/red rag, hold it in the air and exit the playing area or follow the rules in place for that game for dead players.


Airsoft is a game of HONOR and Sportsmanship. A true sportsman will play fair and call their hits, regardless of circumstance. In situations where a player isn’t sure, they should give their opponent the benefit of the doubt and simply call themselves out. You will not have to wait long to get back into the game if you are eliminated, so please call your hits!


If a referee is forced to call a player’s hits because the player refuses to do so, it is considered a violation. Incidents of a player not calling their hits will be noted in the player’s database. This can jeopardize your privilege to play at this facility and label you as a “cheater”. Cheating will not be tolerated in any form by any player.


Most games will work on a one hit kill basis. Some games may have other rules in play but otherwise players will be considered “Dead” after one hit. In most games the player will exit the play area after getting hit.


A player is eliminated from play if a BB strikes any part of his/her body, from the top of the head to the tips of the fingers to the bottoms of the feet, including any gear worn.


Dead Men Don’t Talk! Eliminated players are considered dead and MUST NOT talk or communicate in any way with their teammates. This applies to verbal tips (radio included), body language or hand gestures.


Eliminated players are not allowed to give any equipment or supplies to any other player, but may quietly leave equipment lying where they were eliminated.

RICOCHETS off the walls or any obstacles DO NOT count as a hit.

GUN RICOCHETS do not count as a kill shot but it does kill/disable the weapon. If a BB strikes ONLY the weapon and NOT the player, the player may transition to another weapon and continue to play but cannot use the weapon that was disabled for the remainder of the game. 



A safety kill is used to prevent injury to players at distances closer than 15 ft. A safety kill is defined as one player killing another player using only their voice.

A player may verbally yell out, “BANG BANG” if they approach an opposing player within 15 ft. who is not aware of the other player’s presence. The receiving player must honor the safety kill, pull out his or her dead rag, and exit the playing area or follow the rules in play for that game for dead players.


A player may safety kill an entire room. The player must point his or her pistol at each opposing player in the room and call “BANG BANG” for each player. However, an opposing player may counter the attacking player by pointing their pistol and calling “BANG BANG” before he or she is killed.


You must have an open line of sight/fire to perform a safety kill - a safety kill may not be performed through any type of barrier or around a corner.



When a player is hit, and considered out by game play rules, the player should verbally yell out,”HIT” take his or her Dead Rag and place it on their head or hold it high in the air in a visible area as they exit the play area.


Failure to do so may result in un-merited shots from over anxious players. It is always suggested for a dead player to walk in the non-active areas of play when exiting. By walking into a hot fire zone you agree that you may be caught in crossfire and shot while dead. No complaints should be lodged if you choose to walk into a hot area. Accordingly, all involved players are not to engage dead players as targets, if they walk into crossfire that is their mistake, if you deliberately target them, it is yours.


Deliberate shots to another players head can be dangerous and is highly discouraged and can be a violation.

Players are encouraged to avoid intentional headshots. Center mass should be used for hits whenever possible, but if a player only presents their head as a target then they should not complain if they get shot in the head.


A.K.A. “Spray and Pray” - Firing blindly into an area or room is not authorized.

Always have a legitimate target in sight before firing.

• NO POINTING LASERS INTO THE FACE OF ANOTHER PLAYER - Shining a laser into the eyes of another person can be harmful and is NOT allowed.




• NO CLIMBING on any objects (barrels, vehicles, buildings, etc.). No climbing into or through windows.


• NO MOVING ANY OBJECTS or altering their original orientation. For example, do not move a bale of hay or barrel, to provide better cover from enemy fire.


• NO SHOOTING ABOVE the roofline of the buildings or towards any lights or light fixtures.


• CAUTION - DO NOT ENTER Signs will be posted on certain doors throughout the facility. These areas are for Staff Members ONLY.


• ELECTRICAL SWITCHES, plugs and devices can be found throughout the facility. Do not try to shoot at, turn off/on or manipulate any kind of lighting or electrical switches/devices in any way.


• NO PERSONAL CAMERAS or video recording equipment will be allowed in the facility without permission from GSF management.

• NO DESTRUCTIVE / DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR will be allowed that may be offensive to others or destructive in any way. All participants will be held financially liable for intentional destruction of any property on the premises.


• REFEREE’S DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Any call or decision made by a referee or GSF Staff Member is final and is not debatable under any circumstances.


• LOST/FOUND EQUIPMENT that you may discover in the facility should be turned in to the office or given to a GSF staff member. Attempts will be made to return the lost equipment to its rightful owner. It is suggested for participants to label their equipment to make it easier to identify and claim.

All lost/found equipment will be kept for a minimum of 90 days after which time they may be donated to less fortunate individuals/charity.

• PLEASE HELP KEEP OUR FACILITY SAFE by reporting any unsafe conditions or safety violations by another player.


Hand Grenades/Distraction Devices and 40mm BB Grenades

Smoke Grenades are NOT permitted


ALL Airsoft grenades must be individually approved by the Event Organizer before use in the game. 

A hand grenade is defined as a gas powered, hand tossed grenade (Thunder B, Tornado)

A 40mm BB grenade is defined as a gas powered shell that fires a BB shower (multi-shots) from a grenade launcher.

·         Grenades can only be deployed into rooms. Discharging grenades in open areas is not permitted.

·         All hand grenades must be deployed at less than 3 feet in height.

·         Hand grenades must be deployed using the underhand toss method. The only exception is deploying a grenade through a window. Absolutely NO overhand throws are allowed.

·         No tossing a grenade over a wall. They must go through a door or window.

·         When grenades are deployed into a room everyone in the entire room and open doorways and windows are considered dead. Adjoining rooms are not affected unless you are within 2 feet of an open door or open window from the room the grenade was deployed in.

·         The player that deployed the grenade has the option to pull out his or her dead rag and walk into the room where the grenade was deployed. This allows the player to confirm with others in the room that they have been killed. It will also allow the grenade to be collected by the rightful owner.

·         The player must then return to the point of origin before re-entering the game after he or she has collected the grenade and confirmed the kill(s).

·         All 40mm grenades must be deployed using a launcher. The launcher can be rifle mounted or handheld as long as it is specifically made for Airsoft use.

·         The launcher must point at a downward angle no higher than 3 feet during the deployment. Not abiding to this rule is considered a serious violation.



All incidents of rule violations are recorded in the player’s database. GSF reserves the right to refuse admittance permanently to any player at any time due to negative information in the player’s database.



NO EXPOSED WEAPONS IN THE PARKING AREA Upon arrival at the facility do not exit your vehicle with any weapons exposed in the parking area. All weapons must be brought into the facility concealed in a gun case/holster. If you do not have a gun case, contact a GSF staff member for assistance.


SAFETY GOGGLES must be worn by anyone in the playing area at ALL times. No exceptions! Anyone removing or lifting up their goggles/mask during gameplay will immediately be escorted off the field.

Only ANSI rated / Airsoft approved goggles with a seal around the eyes will be allowed.

ANSI rated safety glasses without a head strap will be allowed ONLY if they have sealed foam around the eyes. Regular reading glasses or shooting glasses that do not have sealed foam around the eyes will not be allowed. No exceptions!

Players under the age of 18 must wear full face gear.

Wire Mesh Eye Goggles are NOT allowed.


PISTOLS MUST BE SECURED IN A HOLSTER at ALL times unless you are in the designated play area.


FPS LIMIT at this facility is 350 FPS with .20g BBs. If a weapon fires three consecutive shots through the chronograph over 350 FPS with .20g BBs it cannot be used. All guns are subject to a random chronograph test at any time deemed necessary by the event organizer or referees. Any modifications made to your gun after being chronographed found to increase your FPS will result in your immediate and permanent removal from the facility.


MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT distance is 15 feet with Full Auto AEGs. Players must transition to a pistol or switch AEGs to Semi Auto when entering a room, or engaging a player at less than 15 ft.


NO SHOOTING IN ANY AREAS OTHER THAN THE DESIGNATED PLAYING FIELD. No shooting into or out of the registration area, neutral zones, or parking area. Weapons may ONLY be discharged on the active field of play.


MAGS OUT, SAFETY ON All weapons must be kept magazine-free with the safety on unless you are in the designated play area. Reloading magazines outside of the play area is permitted as long as you clean up any spilled BBs that might happen.


NO UNAUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT OR POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS GEAR IS PERMITTED. All real firearms, knives, fireworks, air powered Airsoft guns/Polar Star, or other dangerous weapons/gear are prohibited. Exceptions for law enforcement training personnel ONLY. The field operator must approve all equipment allowed on the premises.

Rubber Training Knives are allowed.


MODIFICATIONS ARE PROHIBITED. Players are not permitted to modify safety goggles, gun rentals, bunkers or any property on the premises.


AIM FOR CENTER OF MASS - Deliberate shots to another players head can be dangerous and is highly discouraged.


NO PHYSICAL CONTACT or horseplay allowed.


NO CONSTRUCTION OF BOOBY-TRAPS or other devices that may pose a danger to others.


NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES. Anyone engaging in these activities or who is obviously impaired will be ejected from the facility. Repeat violators will be banned from the facility permanently with law enforcement involvement.  


SMOKING or CHEWING TOBACCO is NOT allowed anywhere inside the building. Smoking or chewing is allowed in the designated areas outside ONLY.


NO VERBAL ABUSE, profanity, name-calling, or slurs against anyone’s race, religion, family, etc. will not be tolerated.


INTENTIONAL DAMAGE The participant will be held financially responsible for ANY damage that was caused by the players neglect for safety, unruly behavior, frustration or horseplay.